Smartcase Protective Smartphone Case


Prevent camera hacking and eavesdropping with the Smartcase Protective Smartphone Case. Compatible with the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X, this accessory enables you to take control of your privacy. Smartcase protects your device against privacy violation by blocking the mic and camera. Aside from video intrusions, the case also guards against eavesdropping. Likewise, Smartcase doesn’t allow apps and hackers to access your microphone and listen to your private conversations. Utilizing a computer chip, the case creates signals that scramble the mic’s reception. Moreover, the camera blockers easily slide over the phone’s front and rear cameras. Thanks to special circuitry, Smartcase connects to an individual power source so it is not accessible remotely. Simply charge your protective smartphone case with the included power charger to use the eavesdropping feature. Available in three colors, Smartcase works as a protective case to guard your device on every level.

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